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Have a favorite book? Of course you do! So, tell us about it here. What did you like about it? Who's your favorite character? Why? What was your favorite part? Find out all about writing a good childrens book review here.

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PARENTS: This is a very helpful resource for you, too.

  • Having a hard time getting your kids to open up about books they're reading? Encourage your kids to add their book reviews for kids books and read their reviews for yourself.

  • Check with us before buying the latest media-blitzed children's book, only to find out it's full of inappropriate material for its target age-level.

  • We are dedicated to promoting thought-provoking, inspiring, wonderful children's literature and rejecting anything less. You can trust our recommendations.

  • Let us help you fill your home library with the best children's books — those you will want to read and reread with your kids for generations.

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